Recognising the Technical Heroes of our Time

17 Jan 2014

OpenCRM has a team made up of an array of talented folk. From Business Development, to Project Management, Accounts, Sales and Technical Development, it can be argued that the people here have a lot to offer the world of software development.

But I want to salute a certain area of our team in this post, the technical heroes of the underworld! These guys (from what I can see) spend their days staring at code, writing code, testing code, shouting at code and generally doing the job that a lot of other people just could not comprehend or stomach. The results are these awesome software functions, which actually change people’s everyday lives.

As we learnt back in early December, the world as we know it would be unattainable without the people behind the scenes churning through pages of code and working long hours to develop ideas into reality.

Now, it’s not just our team of developers here who I think need some appreciation. Take the team at Facebook, Adobe, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Windows, Apple – just to name a few – and think of a world without them… argh! I’d prefer not to, I’ll just stick to saying a big thank you instead.

One of the most exciting things about being a Project Manager here at OpenCRM is that we rarely have to say ‘no’ to a customer. We often might say, ‘well that will need some time to achieve’ or ‘let me just have a look into that for you’ and so on, but hardly ever do we say ‘sorry, we just can’t do that’. The developers here work really hard to acheive the results your can see in our CRM product.

So, well done guys and a big thank you!