LaunchWeek: Reflecting on my Goals

8 Sep 2014

My primary job in the grand redesign of the OpenCRM website has been a refresh of some of the articles and headlines, as well as writing a few new pages completely from scratch. When you start exploring our website, you’ll soon understand why I felt completely overwhelmed.

I mean, not to blow our own trumpet too much, but as OpenCRM does so much, from Lead and Contact Management to Invoicing, software integration and Reports, it can be hard to cover it all in a clear and useful way.

My standard approach to any large project is to break it down into smaller, easier-to-manage pieces of work. In this case, I went through our current site and created a list of each page and the articles that would need to be rewritten. Then, I created a series of Activities in OpenCRM (surprising, I know!) so I could schedule the work. Once done, I added in the Activities for the totally new sections (just wait, it’s not long now).

Each day I would work on a specific corner of the site and little-by-little it started to come together.

My primary goal with this refresh project was first and foremost to clarify areas of the site that needed it. Sometimes this meant just changing a few words here and there, other times I just had to start from scratch. This isn’t a reflection of the current (what I think of now as the “old”) site, but rather a realisation that OpenCRM has changed significantly as a system and as a company over the last several years.

My secondary goal was slightly trickier, as I wanted to showcase our company culture through the website. We like to think of ourselves as a professional bunch, but with a good sense of humour about ourselves and our industry. Basically I wanted the website to reflect the office in which it was created.

I think that we’ve achieved just that and I can’t to see how people react to it! Just 2 days to go!!