Remember, remember the 5th of November

5 Nov 2015

A totally non-business, Bonfire Night special blog post!

Remember when you were in primary school and your ‘brief’ for the day was to create an onomatopoeic poem and picture to describe Bonfire night? Well just to send you all down memory lane, here’s my attempt! Happy Bonfire Night!

Snickle-snackle goes the fire that crackles
As the Autumnal moonlight, shines down on us so bright.
Gobble-lobble go our cheeks as we nobble
On the delicious warm eats, we brought along for treats.


Bang-a-dang go the flumes of fireworks
Twirling and whirling, zooming and booming!
‘Oohs’, ‘eeps’ and ‘arghs’; as we gaze at the stars
Quite the spectacle is this, a tradition that lives.


Sparkle-tarckle as we write out our names
Then Snapchat our buddies as we gaze at the flames
Oogle-Google go the kids of today
As they search what Guy Fawkes did back in his day?


This historical endeavour, planned, plotted, but never
Quite made it to fruition, Fawkes found out on the mission
Remember, remember, the 5th of November
Gun powder, treason and plot – A story never to be forgot…


So now we celebrate, on this, Bonfire Night
The skies ablaze with colour, the fires burn bright
What fun autumn festivity, winter wonders delight
Good wishes to you all this wonderful November night!