Save Space, Time, Energy & Even Paper – CRM Is Your Green Solution

20 May 2011

A CRM solution can not only save money and time, but it is also a great way of economising on resources.  This is both within your office environment, and outwards with your client interactions.

Much of the traditional internal paperwork can be virtualised within CRM. Instead of folders and cupboards bulging with files, you can neatly attach documents to records in your CRM solution. There is an added benefit here that you can attach a file to more than one place e.g. to a company and to a specific contact within that company, as well as to a particular Helpdesk ticket, Project or Contract.

Not only are you saving paper and space, but you are establishing a filing system far more sophisticated than a traditional cabinet.

You can also add material to your Knowledge collateral as PDF documents. These can be stored within your system, and be made available to your staff, contacts and customers. Doing so helps you save on postage, despatch time and the materials and resources you would need to print all the documents – ensuring that your material is only printed out as and when necessary by the end user. And if someone in another time zone decides they want to read your documentation there and then, there is no waiting involved for someone to send them a link or a package out, they can simply go onto their CRM system and download the document required. This means that your leaflets, brochures, manuals and other materials are always published, available and – as long as you make sure of it – up to date.

Sales Pitch: Using OpenCRM you can use eSign to sign Sales Orders online. This is a fast and secure method of signing Sales Orders. For more information please watch this video tutorial