Save the Data

16 Jan 2014

As much as I enjoy a bit of research (and I really do), I hate trying to find misplaced information. To me, the two are completely separate. Research is like an investigation, a quest to find information never before seen by humans…or at least by me. Trying to track down a bit of misplaced data is like wading through a pile of wet leaves to find a lost glove. Yes it’s important, but it’s not terribly enjoyable.

Using a system like OpenCRM is great for ensuring you never have to go digging around for a lost detail about your business. Can’t remember what your newest customer said in their initial email, just check their history. When was that invoice sent? I can tell you when it was created, sent, and paid. Every action can be traced, every piece of information contained.

You can have a full record of every communication, support ticket, invoice, associated document, product history, event attended, and any other activity you might want to track. Having all of this information at your fingertips means that you can stay up to date with every single one of your leads’ and customers’ journeys and plan accordingly.

Nothing gets lost or misplaced, because it all gets linked back to a common location: your customer (or lead). You’ll never find yourself on the phone with a loyal customer, digging through past emails or frantically searching your hard drive for the date of their first invoice or when they switched from Service A to Service B. It’s all there, so stop worrying, just grab a cup of tea and relax.