Service as a Solution

23 Feb 2015

Can you believe it? I had yet another cold last week. That’s my fourth cold this winter…or is it the fifth, I can’t even remember any more. I feel like I am personally keeping the entire cold/flu tablet industry in the black, not to mention tissue manufacturers!

Now I don’t normally mind winter. I absolutely love snow and being toasty warm inside when it’s cold outside. I don’t even mind having to wrap up warm to go outside, it means I get to wear fun hats and scarves. Ok, I don’t enjoy freezing rain, but that’s really the only thing about winter I dislike…that and getting sick.

Most winters I end up with the odd sniffle, but this has really been one for the books. I feel like I’ve been constantly ill.

Sadly, OpenCRM as a system hasn’t really been able to alleviate my symptoms, although being able to reschedule Activities easily and rely on some of our automation features has been extremely helpful.

OpenCRM as a service, a group of people, however, has been immeasurably helpful. People rushing to pick up the phone so I don’t have to, making me tea, offering me tablets and tissues, giving me the odd lift to/from the office when I would have had to walk—really they’ve done everything you could want and more.

That’s one of the things that, I think, really separates us from some of the other CRM systems out there. We’re a company that, at its heart, is about the people.

Our Sales team are almost painfully enthusiastic about helping people understand what OpenCRM can do for them. Our Project Managers and Developers go above and beyond making sure that our customers’ systems fit with their needs and that they know how to use them. Finally our Support team seem to work non-stop to answer questions and fix any minor errors that crop up.

By putting people first at OpenCRM, we ensure that our Software as a Service is as much about the Service as it is about the Software.