Springing into Action with OpenCRM

28 Feb 2014

Here in Yorkshire, the signs of spring are starting to show. In my garden some flowers are starting to come out and on my way to work I can hear the birds sing. I daren’t even really say it as I can imagine we’ll probably face some more chilly weather at some point, but the prospect of longer daylight hours and being able to wear less layers when going outside, is a cheery thought. I do like winter, staying snug, chilly walks and hot dinners, but I always feel so much more active in the spring and summer months.

With this is mind, I’m going to give you a few CRM ideas for ways in which you can spring into activity, and boost your business productivity:

1. Marketing Campaigns – how about setting out for a fresh, new email campaign? Create your spring inspired email template complete with click through links so you can track levels of interest in the content you send. Use the Campaigns module to select and organise your Contacts, Leads or Companies and filter down the best people to get in touch with. You can then use the Campaign statistics to work out what step to take next.

2. Spring Clean – How about having a little cleanse of your data? Use the Search tools and Views within the modules to sieve through your data, this way you can accurately see what is in need of chasing up and updating.

3. Events – why not put together a plan for a new event? Use the Events module to set up the aim, timings and details of a new event. Use this module as a hub to organise the people involved in the event, log their relationship to it, be it attendee, staff or sponsor for example.