Starting The Year On The Right Track

3 Jan 2013

Well the season of over-indulgence is just behind us – how was it for you? Did you manage a reasonable level of self-control, or did you give in to each and every temptation, meaning you are now facing a short period of self-assessment and navel gazing? This usually comes in shape of personal New Year’s resolutions – lose a few pounds or use that gym subscription a bit more this year, for example. I’m sure many of you will hit your approach to business with renewed vigour and will also have a new set of goals and targets for 2013.

But setting expectations and goals realistically can be a challenge. You may set an unrealistically high target – for example to going to the gym four times a week instead of twice a month – chances are this is destined to fail after the initial couple of weeks. Other goals may be vague and therefore impossible to track and measure, for example “live healthier” without going into any specifics such as whether you intend to eat better, get outside more, or take on extra exercise.

Similarly, objectives and opportunities in your business life need to be set realistically and results will want to be tangible for you to be able to measure your success.  A target of “becoming the best in the field” is going to be difficult to evaluate, whereas “increasing sales revenue by 5%” can be tracked more easily.

As long as your objectives are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound), then you can set yourself some great goals which will help enhance your performance and ultimately your own personal satisfaction as well as helping your business achieve its targets.

CRM software contains many tools and features which are designed to help you in measuring and tracking your business goals. Opportunity and Project Management, Action Plans and Reporting are just a few examples of some of your business operations which can be aided by use of a CRM solution.

If you think OpenCRM can help you in achieving those goals, why not get in touch?

Whatever your personal or business goals are for 2013, we wish you every success on the road to achieving those objectives.