Stepping out for Charity

29 Sep 2016

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or one of our other social media platforms, you might be aware that we (along with a number of people in the local community) are going to be getting out this Saturday for a charity walk known as a HopeWalk.

This walk is a way for us to raise money for the charity Papyrus to do what we can to support their work in preventing youth suicide. It is also a way for us to raise awareness in our local community of the fact that suicide is the leading cause of death for people under 30* and that, by working to remove the stigma of people talking about suicide and suicidal thoughts, we can help to break the taboo of it so people can access the help they need.

When I first heard that fact, that suicide is the leading cause of death for under-30s, I was horrified. How can it be that this isn’t more widely published? Why are people not doing more to halt this epidemic?

But the more I read about the work Papyrus do, the more I realised that the problem lies in the fact that we as a culture seem to find the topic of suicide and mental health issues in general, somehow taboo. It embarrasses people, so they choose not to talk about it.

Doing a HopeWalk like this can help to reach out to people who may be thinking about suicide to show them that there is somewhere they can turn. It also reminds the local community that there is nothing shameful or weak about having suicidal thoughts.

We’re doing this walk because it is important. I ask you to come out and join us if you’re in the area (or participate in another HopeWalk in your area—there are loads taking place). Why not donate to the cause, either via our JustGiving page or by going direct to Papyrus to make a donation.

This is a national tragedy, but it’s one that we can do something about and as a business, boy are we trying.


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*Find out more on the Papyrus website: