‘Switch it off and on again’

24 May 2016

The importance of scheduling some time for yourself as part of a well-balanced working week is all too often overlooked. Some people feel that ploughing through that To Do list takes precedence, forgetting that a break can actually improve productivity and make your time at work more efficient and accurate.

You do it for your computer when it over heats, so why not do it for yourself? Here’s a few things I do to stay fresh, keep my processors in action and my focus on point.

‘Page Refresh’

Make a brew – This is something I take very seriously! When I first arrived in Manchester it became a nice ice breaker to make friends in the office, but has now turned into a time of day when I can have a quick catch up with my office co-workers, make a mighty fine cuppa for my tea crew and refresh those tired eyes by giving them five minutes away from a screen.


Do some Yoga – Don’t worry I’m aware of the ‘hippy alert’ sirens going off! But all jokes aside, if working from home, 10 minutes going through some nice moves can help get the circulation going and refocus your thoughts to the task at hand. If I’m not at home, I can mix in my ‘yoga’ with tea making by doing some stretches in the kitchen while the kettle boils (although it is a very small and pretty public area!).

‘Switch it off and on again’

Go for a walk – Now this is my favourite, whether I’m back home in the beautiful #SiliconDales or in this amazingly, intriguing and exciting city of Manchester. Taking a wander down some streets and canals or across some fields is a great way to lose yourself a little or put thoughts back in order.

It is also good to get some light exercise when you are cooped up in an office all day. But for me, the element of inspiration is what I really appreciate. I love spotting a wild flower or rare bird, or a new piece of street art whilst out and about. Our #Try20 photos show you exactly how much you can experience from a short walk in your local area.

Being able to refresh one’s mind and refocus is truly essential to getting your jobs done to the best of your ability. Working with a clear head means you will be more likely to make the right decisions at the right time.

So this week, if you can, perhaps #try20 or just rein in on a little me time and see if you get raise your productivity and quality of work.