Tags: Tools for Tailoring your Trading Talk

17 Nov 2014

If you’re working in marketing or event planning, being able to target people with specific interests can allow you to tailor a special offer or event to a select group.

I went to a comic book convention this weekend, it was great fun. I bought way too many comics (especially with Christmas coming up) and just generally enjoyed a slightly odd, but uniquely relaxing day out.

One of the things I really enjoy about going to an event that is really targeted towards a specific interest group is how of a community feel there is to the whole day. By combining people with a shared interest, as well, it allows some of the smaller traders and independent artists to come and share their work in quite a supportive environment.

If, for example, I had a restaurant or shop near to such an event, I would want to be able to find all of my contacts who would be interested in it and send out a special offer for the same weekend.

Coming up with the special offer and writing up the email to send out is easily done, but how do you pick out the people to receive it?

In OpenCRM, you can use Tags to hold these little tidbits of information on a Contact, Company, or Lead record.

By adding Tags to hold this kind of a slightly random information, including hobbies, general interests, etc., you can then easily create a list (either by searching or creating a view) and tailor your marketing campaigns down to smaller, but more focused groups.

Targeting a group of people who you know will be interested in what you have to say can mean that you achieve a higher response rate, while also endearing yourself to your customers by appealing to their interests, winning yourself their loyalty and respect.