The Backbone of the Team

15 Sep 2016

You’ve got them in every office, the men and women who take care of all those necessary tasks that keep the business going.

Because we’re not a giant corporation, all of these tasks (and more) are handled by a small number of people who end up wearing a variety of hats throughout the day.

One a typical day, a member of team admin may start out by reviewing all the recent holiday requests and approvals. They’ll go into each lucky person’s Personnel record in our own OpenCRM system to record the hours each person will be away. This not only ensures that these hours are removed from their holiday entitlement, but it also adds it to the correct Calendar so everyone can easily see when that person will be away.

Once this has been completed, the less glamourous job of ordering new stationary, coffee, and other office supplies will need to be done.

The rest of the morning might be taken up with creating a series of recurring Sales Orders or maybe proof-reading/finalising some new email templates. They might even write a short blog about how their job role helps to keep the OpenCRM team supported.

Occasionally some Reports or ClicData dashboards will need to be created or analysed, while other days the biggest task of the day will involve getting to plan an office meal out or charity event.

Unlike the other teams here at OpenCRM, the admin team’s daily task list can range between general office management, to human resources, finance, data analytics, event management, and even data entry at times. It’s a small group of people, but one that provides the rest of the OpenCRM team with stability and support.