The Blackberry iPhone (or Storm as its called)

3 Nov 2008

Just a quick comment. I have been trying to get my hands on the new Blackberry Storm, to see what Blackberry are doing!

It really is an iPhone, all of the main benefits of the Bold, that make it stand out and differentiate why some people would buy a Blackberry, are almost non existent in the Storm, just a direct competitor. Why would you go for something that is not as good and only half as cool? Well the answer is (and it took a friend of mine to mention this to me) that lots of business users are locked into their business contract, and this is quite likely NOT to be O2, so they cant get

an iPhone, and the business probably has a ‘Blackberry policy’, so along comes the Storm, and these users can now get a decent browser based device and stay within company guidelines.

Anyway, I have not got one yet, but am due to get hold of one for review as soon as they are available, but looking at what is out there on the web, it can actually browse and display websites, not bad.