The Checklist: 4 things I still need to work on #becauseiam22

12 Jun 2014

Seeing as I am 22 this year (shocking, I have finally divulged my age!) I am doing things a little bit differently than my fellow bloggers. I’m going to go back 5 years (I’m closer to 23 than I am to 22) and talk about things I learnt, wish I knew, and thought when I was 18.

It’s ok to be alone.

Ashley based her blog on this on Monday. Don’t be afraid to be on your own and enjoy your company. That is something I have yet to learn. I’ve moved many time since I was 18 on my own, and each time, the beginning was always tough. I’m a very social being and love going out, but, in contradiction I am also very shy and rarely go out alone, and dare to meet someone new. I’ve come leaps and bounds since I was 18, but that is still a struggle. Getting out of my shell, and getting you out of yours is always hard, but everyone is telling me, it’s worth it, so I’m sticking with it!


“Patience is a virtue” they say. Well, when you are/were my age, it is so hard to wait. I have so many ideas, so many thoughts, wants and aspirations, and I want it all to happen…. RIGHT NOW! However, having had the chance to be surrounded by more seasoned professionals in all the roles I’ve held since I was 18, I’ve learnt that this is a time to be patient and a time to be impatient. Learning to push a project along pro-actively without becoming a pest is a key skill I have learnt, and thanks to the notify buttons all throughout OpenCRM, you can help get your team(s) on track and keep the ball rolling.

Confidence is key

Knowing what you want, knowing who you are. Two key aspects of life that I have yet to master, but, I am definitely getting a better grasp of what I DON’T want. It could be the same for your search for your new CRM system. Know what you don’t want to do, what your limits are and we then will be able to explore together how our Cloud based CRM system can help you get to know what you do want!

Find a mentor

I have had the luck to recently have found someone whom I really look up to professionally. I’ve had one other in my short life time. Both of these people, I would have loved to stick a straw into their brains and just take as much as I could from their knowledge. I found myself able to accept my limitations while learning to find paths through or around them. Drawing from my mentors and learning more and more quickly each time. Don’t be afraid to get a “champion” as we like to call them. Someone who can be your resource to OpenCRM within your company to be able to guide his or her peers to success.