The New Kid in Silicon Dale

1 Dec 2015

How many times have you had that conversation about new starter – how do we keep them busy and engaged whilst they are learning their new role?

I’m the new kid (even though I’m the wrong side of 40!) at OpenCRM and I’m raring to go. All I want is to be able to get on with my new role – but do I have all the ‘tools’ to be able to do it?

Here in the Silicon Dales, as we like to call it, we are in the lucky position that we have a system to plan and schedule all the necessary tasks for both myself as the new starter and the people who were going to train me. For this (and everything else), we use our own product, OpenCRM.

I received an email before I started letting me know what to expect on my first day, week and month as well as asking how I liked my tea and what size tops I wanted, which was strangely reassuring. Nothing says ‘you’re a keeper’ more than your own mug with your brew specifics on.

Day one was a lot of paperwork, but I knew this because of the email I had received. At the same time, as soon as I got signed into our own OpenCRM system, I was also able to see what was planned for me in the weeks ahead by taking a quick stroll through my Calendar.

I also got to meet the team, including my buddy, (don’t worry Jamie I won’t mention you as I know you would be embarrassed) my go-to person if I need to chat, ask those questions that make you look silly, or just need a sounding board.

For a new employee, having that structure to their first days, weeks, and months makes the whole process less stressful, intimidating, and leaves very few surprises.

The tasks and meetings that are pre-set in my Calendar allow me to plan and do some research in advance of any jobs I am set so I can do them to the best of my ability at a time when I am keen to impress.

After two weeks here I feel I have settled in and I am looking forward to the days, weeks and months ahead, which coincidentally are already in my OpenCRM system.