The Sky’s the Limit – On Tour

21 Jun 2016

It was brought to my attention this week, through a YouTube post on social media, that Iron Maiden have their own plane called the ‘Ed-force-one’ – a custom made 747 which Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson has been flying for their recent world tour. Obviously being a fan of ‘Maiden, I thought it best to share this on our company’s internal social media channel, ooh how the team loved this! I’m not shocked by this though as it is fair to say that most of the team here at OpenCRM are big music fans.

Led (or carefully selected) by our Managing Director-come-drummer Graham Anderson with his appreciation of what I might refer to as ‘Dad-music’, we all have an eclectic love for all things musical. Tom Chapman one of our Project Managers is –quite surprisingly for anyone who knows him- in a punk band. I have been in many live bands myself, and amongst us we have a many members of staff who have secret musical talents.

It might also surprise you to hear that our Technical Director, Phil Marsay, enjoys a trip to the odd music festival, even our Operations Manager, Paul Ryder, has been known to pop along too! Come to think of it, all our directors are music mad, even Creative Director, Helen used to be in a band; you should see the photos!

So with all this talent on deck, why do we work in CRM software development?

Well I can’t speak for the others, but for me I think there are some similarities to be found in a passion for music and a passion for the Software Development industry. Here’s a few:

Pushing Boundaries

Cloud hosted CRM software is not something which was built, sold to customers then left on the shelf to get old and stagnant. No, it is a competitive and adaptive product which if done right should evolve with the customer’s requirements and keep evolving to the suite the market’s wants and needs – just like any popular act like The Beatles, Queen or even the Foo Fighters did. OpenCRM pushes the boundaries of CRM software development, with many ongoing Bespoke Projects we are always adding to our product to make it better and up to date with current trends.


Our team work really hard to keep our customer’s happy. Like going to a gig, the office is often buzzing with conversations about how we can improve a customer journey. This may be as simple as working together to solve a tricky HelpDesk ticket. Or perhaps something more in depth like when we need to collaborate on a complex CRM installation project.


Working in an office can be dull, but, if you enjoy the job you do, believe in your company’s ethos and get the odd staff social, then you can stay pretty content. I find my job fun. Yes, there are days which are harder than others but on the whole things are pretty good.

Tenuous as it might sound, but it seems odd that such a musical bunch of people have ended up cruising the skies of CRM software development together. Perhaps we are never that far away from an OpenCRM concert or music festival after all…we’ll keep you posted!