The Spirit of Christmas has come to OpenCRM

18 Dec 2013

As it is exactly one week to the day before Christmas, the team at OpenCRM decided to honour the occasion with a little friendly, holiday-themed competition. So today is the Cheesy Christmas Jumper Competition!

The rules for the competition are simple: wear the cheesiest Christmas jumper you can find (or already own) and, in keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, we decided that, in order to enter the competition, each member of the team would pay £5.

The money raised, in additional to our Christmas card fund, will be donated to the charity, Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide, the only national charity dedicated to prevention of young suicide in the UK. They exist to shatter the stigma surrounding young suicide and offer help, hope, and support to vulnerable young people at risk of suicide and to those worried about a young person they know.