The tail of the fish and chips debacle!

18 Feb 2016

This is Billy

This is Billy


This is Danny

This is Danny


Billy and Danny were friends

Bill and Danny were Friends


But then Billy went for Fish and Chips…


 Billy Fish and Chips

…And forgot to ask Danny

Billy Forgot to ask Danny





Danny was upset



Billy had an idea

Billy had an idea


Billy set up a Recurring Activity in OpenCRM

Billy Setup a recurring activity


Like this…

Recurring activity image


Now Billy never forgets Danny

Now Billy never forgets


Billy and Danny are now friends again

Friends again



The End


By setting up Activities within OpenCRM, you will always be on top of what you need to do. They will appear automatically in your Calendar and you will receive an automatic email Reminder, prior to the Activity time that you have set. This way you will never forget to make that call, always report to your managers on time, have time to prepare for that meeting with all the history of any communication linked to directly to your Contact Record for easy reference.

OpenCRM is all about making your life easier, giving you more time, being more efficient and in turn, being more productive – now who doesn’t want that?

Right, I’m off to enjoy my Fish and Chips courtesy of my friend Billy… thanks Billy!