Tidying Up for your Summer Holidays

8 May 2017

With those all-important Summer Holidays fast approaching we need to make sure that we are on top of all of those tasks that we need to do before we go away and make sure we are prepared for our return. We have all had the feeling’ ‘Did I remember to ?…..’ whilst sat at the Airport of 200 miles down the road.

By using a combination of Views, Reminders, and Scheduled Activities in OpenCRM we can ensure we get everything done before you go.

Firstly, create all those Activities that you need to achieve (Calls, Tasks, Meetings or Notes) before you get on the big bird or in the 5 door hatchback if you are on a staycation this year.

Whenever I’m making this kind of a list up, my top four questions are: Who do I need to call?, what do I need to do with my still open Opportunities?, which Quotes do I need to chase up for a decision?, which Sales Orders should close?

You can then create a View in your Activities Module that will show you all the upcoming Activities that may fall in the days that you are away or those days immediately after you return. This will highlight the Activities that fall whilst you are laid on a beach that cannot wait until your return.

For example this View may be ‘All Activities for the next 60 Days’, you have a reminder set from an Action Plan that a Contract needs to be renewed whilst you are away. This will immediately highlight that you need to be in touch with them sooner rather than later.

This will also highlight anything that you may need to move, it is non urgent and I can deal with it upon my return or I can ask a colleague to pick this up for me and Reassign the Activity to them.

By being organised you can spend the whole time enjoying your holiday and not thinking about work.

Bon Voyage!