Time for a pre-work activity?

16 May 2014

Yesterday morning my colleague and I enjoyed a sunny walk into work as part of the ‘walk to work week’ scheme. This is a great scheme run by the charity Living Streets that tries to get more people walking or cycling to work. We are both keen walkers so thought why not get up an hour earlier and enjoy an activity before work?

The Walk to Work scheme encourages people to take up walking to work for many reasons; to get into better shape, clear the cobwebs from the head, enhance team spirit, save money, save the planet and discover new things. I’d say our walk ticked all of these boxes. Personally though, the thing I liked the most about doing this walk was that it added a new part to my day that I didn’t really know existed -as I’m not really a morning person- the pre-work activity period.

For me, it is too easy to forget that the time in the morning before I start work is actually another time of its own in the day. I forget that the journey to work does not have to be a mundane exercise I do to get myself to the place I work. Really I could fill this time in productive ways like walking to work or cycling, I might even stretch to a sociable breakfast one day with a friend.

This way of thinking boils down to just making the most of your time. By doing something extra at the start of your day you can end up feeling more fresh and enthusiastic about the day to come, which should help you to be more productive whilst at work. From now one I will certainly try harder to make the most out of my mornings.