To all our Mums!

7 Mar 2016

A very specific set of women were celebrated yesterday across the UK.

These women may be astute business minds, leading scientists, politicians, nurses, doctors, police women or military officers, however it wasn’t their professional skills and qualifications that would have earned them high praise yesterday. They would have been showered with cards and presents, flowers and chocolates all for being mums.

So why do children from different countries pay tribute to their mother every year?

Mothering Sunday is always held on the forth Sunday of Lent (in the UK), exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and the day itself normally falls in the second half of March or at the start of April. It is a celebration of mothers and the bond they share with their children.

The custom originated centuries ago when families would return home to go to church on “Laetare Sunday” (middle of lent) and spend time with their mother as they would have been working away as domestic servants.

However Mother’s Day as we know it came about when American social activist Anna Jarvis campaigned for an official day to honour mothers in the USA. A British vicar’s daughter, Constance Smith, who was inspired by an article she read about Jarvis’ campaigning began to push the day in the UK. Ironically neither of these women became mothers themselves.

By the 1950’s, Mother’s Day was being celebrated regularly in Britain and the tradition continues today.

We thought it would be nice to celebrate our mothers and how they inspire and influence us to be the people we are today. So here are just a few tributes from OpenCRM staff:

“My mom always encouraged me to work hard in school and to push myself to achieve my goals, but at the same time, stressed to me the importance of being happy. She wanted me to follow my dreams, but only if they made me happy. Her life hadn’t worked out the way she’d planned, but she was happy and made sure that I knew that, even if my path ended up somewhere I hadn’t intended, as long as I was happy, that was what really mattered. She’s also lucky enough to have two Mother’s Days a year, as the USA celebrates their mothers in May—I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.”

– Ashley Tallyn, Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager

“Raising four children is no mean feat but my mum’s organisational skills are sensational! As well as being an excellent mother, wife, friend, DIY-er and cook, she has worked throughout her life as teacher and now works as a very successful musical director in our local community. You don’t really get much better a role model growing up and I like to think I have picked up many of her talents along the way.”

– Abi Gedye, Multimedia and Interface Designer

“There are in the region of 1,025,109.8 words in the English language but I don’t believe I could ever string enough words together to be able to fully express how much my mum has done for me. From remarkable life lessons; work hard and never give up, to putting up with me wanting to watch The Little Mermaid on repeat as a child, my mum has always been there for me, as a mentor, a friend, and overall, my mother.”

– Lucinda Pain, Business Development Manager

“My mother was an inspirational woman who didn’t know it. She was always there for anyone who came to her with their troubles, she always helped with kind words and wise advice. Growing up our home was open to everyone and my mother offered everyone her hospitality and made them feel important. She was the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family orientated woman I have ever known and one of the most beautiful souls you could ever meet.”

– Tammy Mitchell-Bennett, Business Development Manager

Now this blog would not be complete without a few words about OpenCRM’s mum, our Creative Director, Helen Burton.

Helen would be forgiven for having hung up her Mothering apron after raising four talented, grounded and well-rounded children. However Helen is one of those women who maternal instinct comes naturally to her. She is always there for every member of the OpenCRM team, to listen to their worries or just have a laugh about life. She understands the needs of each individual staff member and goes above and beyond to welcome all newcomers to the team. Helen from all at OpenCRM, thank you for everything and Happy Mother’s Day!