To Infinity and Beyond

21 Mar 2014

When I was a kid, Sir Richard Branson was in the press quite a lot for his entrepreneurial millionaire shenanigans, from his Virgin record company and store, to the Virgin airways; it seemed this man was unstoppable and such a determined bodacious character. Not much has changed now I am an adult, Sir Branson is still continuing to amaze me.

I used to love watching the old cartoon called the Jetsons, about a family who lived and worked in space. It felt a lot like the better known Flintstones, but set in space! Like most people, TV programs and films have inspired me to grow up with a distant belief at the back of my mind that one day, this is what mankind will be doing. How strange but brilliant it could be to drink a cup of tea, walk the dog or even go to work in space!

It seems Sir Richard Branson, has not only shared this belief, but has the skills and funding to make it happen. Virgin Galactic is what he is calling it, with the plan to start commercial flights to space in the not too distant future. Now, dreaming is only the first step towards achieving a goal in business. Sheer determination, hard work, organization, collaboration and many, many more factors are needed to actually make something happen – which to me, is what is truly remarkable about this particular business venture.

Now, I am no motivational speaker, but, ‘to infinity and beyond’ is a good mantra when approaching life. Like the awful youth acronym ‘YOLO’, you do actually only live once, so why not make the most of it.

It’s Friday, we’re all a bit tired from a long week and working hard to complete our jobs before the weekend, so I’ll let you off. But, over the weekend, give some thought to those childhood aspirations, or even better, give some thought to your adulthood aspirations. Come into work on Monday with a new lease of life and start this Spring focusing on what you want accomplish and how you are going to go about doing so.