Top Five Ways To Communicate Effectively

6 May 2015

In our day and age, communication and its methods of delivery have become so varied that just a simple letter sometimes just does not do. Letters are now known to be official, or “out dated” method of communication. In a successful business, we need to identify how best to communicate with a busy and pressured team, without losing time and efficiency. Here at the OpenCRM office we have five, (yes five!!) ways of communications with one another.

Face to Face

A conversation face to face is the perfect communication tool when it is a matter of high importance, when you have the time, or when you need to brainstorm. It is key to be able to see body language and tone, however, unless both participants have the time, especially in a business setting, this may not be the best way to communicate.


Quick verification? Short questions? This is a good alternative to the face to face and can be practical for lengthier discussions, if scheduled in properly for all those involved.

Instant messaging

Perfect for quick questions that require a rapid response. This allows the person you are IM’ing to know that the matter is urgent and needs an answer as ASAP.


Emailing, is the new letter. Emails can be official, informative or inquisitive. They are the main form of communication in many business’ and really is the best way to get a bunch of questions that don’t require immediate consideration out to the person that can answer them, in their own timeframe. Using email coding like “NNFR” (no need for reply) or “URGENT” in the title can let the reader know what they are in for and what expectations, if any, have been set.

Social media

This is a great way to brain storm, pass ideas around and have a generally relaxed conversation. There are plenty of business platforms that allow you to subscribe to certain feeds and get updates on a periodic timescale so that you can get the information you need in your own time. The use of social media is not as time sensitive as emails or instant messaging.

What is your favourite way of communicating with your clients and colleagues? What works best in your office?