Pairing CRM and Entrepreneurs: Top qualities and finding a system to complement them

17 Feb 2020

What are the qualities that make a good entrepreneur? You can find a million blogs that say a million things, but a review of the top ten comes up with a short list of common traits:

  • Creative
  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Determined
  • Resourceful

These are the qualities that allow a person to take an idea, just the glimmer of a business pitch, and turn it into a million-pound company. Entrepreneurs need these traits in order to help get through the obstacles and setbacks along their journey.

But they can’t do it alone. Even the greatest entrepreneur needs help to achieve their dreams.

At the beginning of their journey, in addition to their innate entrepreneurial spirt, they’ll need money and emotional support (not sure which is more important to be honest). And those things continue to be important throughout.

Just like everyone else, however, an entrepreneur needs a way to actually run their new business…ideally using tools that complement those qualities that make them great at starting and running a business.

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The qualities that make a great entrepreneur

I’d like to go explore the top 5 qualities I mentioned above and then explain why I think a great CRM system is the perfect sidekick for any entrepreneur.


This is the personality trait that I think people always associate with entrepreneurs. They’re passionate about their idea and that passion is what drives them to get up in the morning to work on an idea that no one else really understands…yet.

For really great entrepreneurs this particular quality includes the ability to spread that passion around with their team, their investors, and their customers. Making other people believe in the idea is a huge step towards making it a reality.


As an entrepreneur, of course you need creativity to come up with your original business idea. But being able to apply that same creativity to problem solving is an essential quality.

It’s not even just “problem” solving, it’s coming up with new ideas to a variety of potential obstacles. This could be staff shortages, advertising ideas, the list goes on.


Staying focused on the task at hand and getting things done in face of setbacks, detractors, and other obstacles is essential to starting and running a business.

A great entrepreneur keeps one eye on their overall goal at all times, making sure everything they do is working towards that singular vision.

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Future Focused

As much as an entrepreneur has to be thinking about the here and now, making sure everything that needs to, gets done. They also need to be thinking about what’s over the next hill, what’s coming up on the horizon.

This future focused quality allows an entrepreneur to stay ahead of their competitors and, more importantly, be ready to delivery “the next big thing” to their customers, before those customers even know they want it.


In addition to all of the above, entrepreneurs are people who can come up with solutions to ever kind of issue. It’s very similar to creativity, but instead of coming up with brand new ideas, this entrepreneurial quality utilises the things that are already available.

Using the stuff they’ve already got to hand to solve a problem in a new and innovative way.

Where does CRM coming into all this?

So now that we’ve covered my top 5 traits in successful entrepreneurs, I’d like to draw this back around to my other point:

Entrepreneurs need CRM systems the same way superheroes need sidekicks (or someone working behind the scenes anyway). And they need CRMs to help support them do all of the stuff I’ve just been talking about.

  • Passion – by giving the whole team access to the same tools, information, and collateral, an entrepreneur has everything they need to share their enthusiasm
  • Creativity – a CRM system that allows for unlimited customisation means that a business can expand, grow, and develop in any direction, without having to use multiple systems. They can use a single system and achieve real “joined up writing.”
  • Resourceful – an integrated CRM solution gives entrepreneurs the ability to pull in information and resources from anywhere and everywhere into a single, central repository
  • Determination and Future Focus – entrepreneurs need a system that will let them focus their drive into To-Do lists, reminders, long term plans, and all that admin stuff that can end up dragging you down if you don’t have a place to document it.  


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