Trick or Treat

25 Oct 2016

Trick or Treat???

When it comes to making your working day easier is this a Trick or is it a Treat?

Here at OpenCRM, there are no tricks but lots of treats that will give you more time to do the things that you enjoy.

Email Campaigns

Why not set these up in advance and schedule them to go out when you need them to? There’s no need to wait around until the optimal time, or even be in the office at all. Get everything set up hours or even days ahead of time.

More time to carve your pumpkins!

Scheduled Reminders

How often do you call someone and they are not available? You then try to remember to call them later but get caught up in other things. Opportunity lost?  Not with OpenCRM.

Simply set yourself a reminder or follow up Activity to call them later and you will receive a notification 15 minutes before so you don’t forget.

More time to make your witches brew!

In OpenCRM, once the details are inputed, they automatically get pulled through from Opportunity to Quote to Sales Order to Invoice – NO RE INPUTTING!

More time to practice your cackle! Haaahaha ha ha (you’re all cackling in your heads now aren’t you!)

Whether it be Halloween, Birthdays, Christenings or any special occasion, wouldn’t we all like more free time on our hands? By being more efficient in our work lives we can have a SPOOKTACULAR home life.

Let your CRM be a real treat for you and the only Tricks will be the ones you play on the kids.