Turn Up The Heat: Three Ways To Become The Best CRM

20 Nov 2017

As part of our push to be the best CRM solution that we can be, we need to focus on many things, including these three:

  1. What our clients want – we need to meet their requirements
  2. Understanding the nature of a competitive market – we need to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Keeping our own house in order – making sure that we function as a happy and coherent team.

For today’s blog post we will be focusing on point #3.

One topic that has been our agenda recently is that of physical and mental wellbeing. We have always been a fan of doing extra-curricular activities – whether this be meeting up for a meal and drink after work, or taking on charity events and challenges such as the Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk. As well as being able to “talk shop” in a less formal environment, it gives us the chance to switch off and socialize.

Currently members of the team have taken on a new fitness challenge – a couch to 5k programme. This is designed to take people of all levels of fitness and enable them to be able to run a distance of 5 km at the end of the course. We are a couple of weeks in, and so far things are going really well. Even though the nights are cold and dark, we soon heat up and stand out in our hi-vis tops and have a lot of fun as we get moving.

One motivating factor is that it gets us away from our screens and out of our comfortable new office into the fresh air a couple of times a week. Just as important is the ability this exercise has to help our mental wellbeing. Links between physical and mental health have long been documented, but a recent study by England Athletics has also explained how running in a group is directly linked to increased happiness. Now I can’t guarantee that as we do our training runs we are smiling and not grimacing, but at the end of the session I think it’s safe to say we feel all the better for it.

This “work together – play together” aspect of office life helps give us common goals, and strengthens our ability to function as a team, and so if we go back to our list at the start of the blog post, taking care of #3 enables us to focus on #1 and #2 to deliver the best product and service to you that we can.