Up, Up and Away

2 Feb 2016

We are lucky to be able to say that the CRM software development industry is continuing to reach new heights. The rate of businesses investing in cloud hosted SaaS, like OpenCRM, has been continuing to go up, up and away! A recent press release by Gartner predicted that there will be a further 20.3 per cent growth in the cloud hosted service industry in 2016* – so things are looking up.

So where is all this hot air coming from?

Data Security

Cloud hosted CRM is proving to be a reliable and safe place for companies to store their data. Gone are the days of filing cabinets full of customer data and excel spreadsheets ‘saved to Desktop’. No, we are well and truly in the era of super secure data, especially with the new EU data regulations which are currently being drafted.

Modern Mobile Working

The combination of cloud hosted CRM and highly intuitive UX/UI application design, is making truly flexible working possible. Whether you are working from home, whilst out and about travelling, or generally just not from your main office desk, well-developed cloud CRM will make your everyday tasks so much easier, more accessible, and therefore much more achievable.


No longer are good CRM products only something that the large enterprises can afford. With affordable monthly subscriptions now available from most reputable CRM suppliers, it is now perfectly easy for SMEs to be able to buy into CRM, without having to risk too much financial investment over long periods of time.

Bloomin’ Good Features

Most importantly, a good CRM software will provide companies with a working business intelligence solution, meaning that their communication and time management should be so much more efficient. Also, by having all the necessary information on customers at their fingertips, teams can now deliver really good quality and personal customer service at the highest standard. Third party integrations, with products like Google, Microsoft Office, Jotforms, Mail Chimp and Sage Accounts 50, mean that businesses really can funnel their whole office procedures through one central location.

These are just a few core reasons why the CRM industry is growing in popularity. We are looking forward to reaching new heights as we continue into 2016.


*http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3188817 STAMFORD, Conn., January 25, 2016