Viewing Your Lead Stages At A Glance

27 May 2011

AKA Custom Views Part Two – to read part one please click this link

In your lead management, you will have leads at the various stages your organisation uses. Some will be cold or lost, others might be warm or even hot, near to being a done deal. Instead of simply aiming for the closing sell, you can use OpenCRM to create documents to manage your leads at each stage of the customer journey. If a typical lead to sell involves 8-10 points of contact with the lead, it makes sense to use contact material relevant to where the lead is at a particular point in time. You can focus your efforts

according to which stage the lead is at. A lot of customers are not ready to buy when they first encounter you. They may be doing some preliminary research. Treating them to the hard sell at this point is not likely to result in a sale, as the pushy approach probably won’t work.

Using the ability to create different views in OpenCRM, you can view a list of your leads at each sales stage with a click of a button. You can then apply the appropriate action to that group – another click and you can send the records listed in a particular view an email – this interaction with your leads as appropriate to their stage in the sales cycle is likely to have far more positive results than the hard sell.

Remember, within OpenCRM you can prepare all the necessary views and email templates beforehand. The correspondence with your potential customers can be run from the Campaigns module. This gives you the added benefit of having tracking tools in place that can tell you amongst other things how many emails have resulted in click-throughs to your site, and how much business you have generated from each Campaign.

Our aim is to help you save time and energy by offering tools which can do the hard work for you.