Warping Past Your Competition with OpenCRM – Part Two

11 Apr 2014

A few weeks ago I bought a new bike. I was so excited about how speedy it was compared to my old bike, which was approximately 15 years old. With gears that worked and a lighter frame, I shaved 15 minutes off my old time when commuting to work.

But, only one day into cycling to work I got a puncture… urgh! Cutting a potentially very long story short, I have now, a week later, purchased some super slime inner tubes, which should in theory prevent punctures in the future. This morning I cycled into work again, hurrah!

Now, one thing I noticed about not being able to cycle around the place, was that I seemed to get everywhere so much slower. Now I’m back on my wheels again, I can get from A-B so much faster. Having the right tools to speed up my everyday jobs makes a massive difference to my general efficiency and stress levels!

Last week I wrote about how recurring Sales Orders can help you save time in the workplace. Another tool in OpenCRM which comes hand in hand with this feature and will also save you lots of little chunks of time, is the Auto Invoicing feature.

Once recurring Sales Orders are set up in your system, you can choose the period when you would like invoices for these to be automatically created and sent. System administrators will be able to switch this feature on in Additional Settings and then set any related parameters like time schedules and which email template you would like to send. Once the feature is correctly set up, whenever a recurring Sales Order is due for billing an Invoice will be created and saved. A copy of this invoice will be automatically emailed to the accounts contact. The attached PDF copy of the invoice will reflect the style set on the Invoice Template that was selected on the recurring Sales Order.

Make sure you utilise the best tools for the job at hand, and let OpenCRM shave time off your busy work schedule.