Way to Saas’y for me – HUH!

5 Jan 2010

I have just come off the phone from a potential client and he passed on a comment, made to him by a competitor (well not really, but it makes them feel good), which made me smile.

“What you going for a hosted solution, OH, you know they don’t work like everyone thinks they do, you need to have a cloud account with Amazon before you can use them, and you need an account for each user”…..

Now I know that this could just be a ‘newbie salesperson’ who doesn’t know his A from his elbow, it sure sounds like that, but are there really people out there, that don’t A) understand what SaaS is all

about and B) so desperate for business that they are trying to mislead potential CRMers into believing this trash?

I guess this is a beware post, the world is full of stupid people (yes, I even count myself in this group at times as well), so check with an adult before you believe what your told, or read up on the Electrical InterWeb, there is a load of good solid reference to SaaS and the benefits.

I will, of course, post a link to our own SaaS benefits document, just as a blatant Sales Pitch for OpenCRM, but it did make me smile :0)