Advanced GDPR Webinar

This advanced webinar goes into more detail about how you can use OpenCRM to help manage your GDPR requirements. It builds on what you’ve learnt in the Right to be Forgotten and Data Retention webinars.

Learn how to automatically identify records that fit your data retention policies and find out what automated tasks you can employ to manage them. These automated tasks include:

  • Deleting your record
  • Clearing all field or only selected fields (or clearing all fields except certain fields)
  • Adding or removing warnings
  • Creating or updating linked records
  • Wiping the audit log for the main and linked records
  • Sending notifications

Since this webinar was recorded, we have updated our interface and added new actions to these data management features. An updated list of these features can be found in our Knowledgebase article all about our Right to be Forgotten feature.

It is important to mention that we cannot advise on your RTBF or data retention policies. We are here to help you implement them within your CRM system. You can read more about our own approach to GDPR here.

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