Getting data out of OpenCRM

OpenCRM is an ideal place for you to store your business-relevant data. But it should not stop there. Once the data is in place, it needs to work for you. That means relevant information should be quick to find and easy to action.

This webinar walks you through some of the ways in which you can start putting your data to work. Starting with modules such as Leads, Companies and Contacts, you have various sub-tabs, or Categories across the top of the records grid. This is a nice shortcut to help you access your Customers, Prospects or Consultants for example.

Secondly you have the Search panel within each module, where you can enter either basic or more advanced search criteria to filter the data to return the records you need to see.

Finally within each module you have the ability to create Custom Views. These are effectively searches that you have saved with pre-configured search parameters for example “My Companies”. It gives you an easy way of getting back to that subset of records at any time.

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