V4: Where’s my stuff?

Back in 2018, we made a fairly radical change to our interface. This was done to update the look and feel of the system, without sacrificing any of our features or functionality.

We called this new interface Version 4. It was the culmination of years of planning, months of hard work, and more meetings than any of us care to remember.

As users began to transition from Version 3 to Version 4, there were be some changes and ultimately some questions as to where certain elements from V3 were living after their move to V4.

This webinar was originally recorded as a guide for these users. It includes an overview of general navigation elements, such as the sidebar, and introductions dramatically updated features, like our Calendar.

We decided to leave it up on our website long after it was needed as a way to remember both our old interface and the journey we took to get where we are today.

Version 4 has been a huge success for us. Both our existing and new customers loved the interface.

The new design also gives us greater flexibility and options when building new functionality, like our Timeline.

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