TT – A Short Overview of OpenCRM

Looking for a CRM system for your business? Check out our short overview tour of some of the features we can offer you.

Alongside the feature-rich, cloud-based application we can provide, OpenCRM is also highly customisable. If you use market-specific phrases or if your way of working is not directly mimicked by OpenCRM’s ‘out of the box’ architecture, you can fully customise the vast majority of the CRM system to work for your business!

We are also very proud to say that all of your data, when using OpenCRM, is highly secured and stored right here in the UK. So you don’t need to worry about changing legislation around the globe and what the implications are for your data, as even the back up’s and the back up’s of the back up’s are stored with AWS data center’s here in the UK.

All of this comes at the low cost of just £33.00 Per Month (Per User). If you wish to have a chat with one of our team regarding the implementation of OpenCRM into your business, please feel free to get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch based in North Yorkshire and we’re always happy to have a natter on the phone (or our live chat) about all things CRM.

Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.Why not stay up to date with this series, as well as our webinars and knowledgebase videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel?

Video Transcript:

OpenCRM is a broad feature-rich application with many modules to help you and your business succeed.

Let’s start this tour by taking a look at leads – the beginning of the customer journey – are the inquiries that come into your business, whether that be by email, through the telephone or direct from your website contact forms.

These forms can instantly create a lead record and automatically assign them to the relevant salesperson, send emails, schedule calls and recall all the information you collect in the lead nurturing process.

Once qualified, it’s time to convert the lead, assign opportunities to a salesperson and capture rich information to help win the business.

Track the progress of this opportunity, monitoring its value, expected close and current sales stage.

Get an overview of the whole sales team to see how your business is shaping up.

Through your pipeline graph, drill down into each team member to see where they are against their current sales target.

Contact and company management is at the heart of everything we do here at OpenCRM.

Record valuable information and display important data from other areas of your system easily.

Get a view of the relationships between people companies and other entities within OpenCRM.

You can also manage your hierarchical relationships between different branches or parent companies and keep track of the people who work for them.

Activity management is an integral part of OpenCRM, with much of your day’s schedule managed from the calendar page.

On the calendar, you can see what you have on today as well as looking forward to see what you have on over the coming week and even the month.

From within the calendar itself you can create calls, tasks and meetings.

Populate the relevant information, changing the date time and duration of the activity as well as linking to key entities throughout OpenCRM.

If the activity needs to be rescheduled or extended, simple drag and drop functionality ensures your calendar is as flexible as you are.

Creating and managing activities in OpenCRM is so much more than just showing you what you need to do.

They give us key insights into how our customer relationship has evolved, how a particular project has progressed or even why a helpdesk ticket has been escalated.

Creating and managing a range of financial records such as quotes, invoices and sales orders is an easy task within OpenCRM.

With a simple click, you can create the record and all of the relevant information from previous interactions will automatically pull through.

From here you can easily add your product, adjusting any quantities, pricing and discounts or whilst keeping an eye on the all important margins.

Once complete, email out customized pdfs with all the details to your customers and use our online eSigning functionality to easily request approval.

When creating one financial record from another such as creating the invoice off the back of a sales order, all the information including product grids is carried over so no re-keying of information is required.

The help desk module is the perfect place to manage any customer service interactions.

With the home screen giving a quick overview of your current open incidents and the actions outstanding, you can drill down into the individual tickets to see important information such as who made the request, what it relates to, where it is in your process and how much time has currently been spent on it.

Progress the ticket with a single click and record the latest actions against it.

You can then send the details of the interactions out to the customer within a templated email, including your latest comments.

You can even link to certain resources from your FAQ library.

Once the incident has been resolved it’s only a couple more clicks to copy your notes to the solution and technical solution fields and finally send out the incident closed email to your customer.

Building and managing your marketing lists are simple tasks.

Using the opencrm campaigns module use views to filter the relevant contacts and then add them to your latest campaign.

Populate this campaign with all the relevant information you need to keep track of such as your marketing objectives and of course your budget.

Create your customized email template and schedule its delivery for a time that works best for you.

See the results of your emails within the success benchmarks of the campaign.

Schedule and manage events using the OpenCRM events module.

Simply enter in the relevant information and populate the schedule you can easily designate between people who are attending your event as staff, sponsors or simply those who want to be there.

With your event built, you can email the different groups of people and update your attendees to reflect who is actually attending and whether or not they paid their attendance fees.

The OpenCRM projects module is the perfect place to manage any internal or external work.

Record the information that is relevant to your business and use our conditional fields to hold information relating to different kinds of projects without cluttering up your screen.

Email directly from within the project and record your tasks against it to ensure the history of all project work is always at your fingertips.

All time recorded against the project is compared to your budgeted time – easily see which projects are overrunning or going over budget.

Send a PDF project report to your customer to let them know how it’s progressing.

Thank you for joining me for this overview tour of OpenCRM.

If you’d like to schedule a one-to-one demo with a member of our team to explore how OpenCRM can work for you and your business, why not get in touch with us via email or give us a call and get the conversation started.

Thanks again, we hope to hear from you soon.


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