TT: Action Plans

Task management is a feature of OpenCRM that helps you ensure nothing falls through the cracks. By creating pending Activities and storing details of historic actions, you have a full overview and audit trail of your customer relationships.

This works not just at company or contact level, but also when drilling down to view the progress and outcome of Opportunities, Projects, Tickets and so on.

So far so good, but you will no doubt find that a lot of those activities follow a pattern. There will be specific things you need to do in a given timeframe. For example, one day after a lead signs up on your website, you may want to log a follow-up call. Projects may have defined tasks that need to be allocated at each stage. Rather than relying on someone creating these manually, you can use the Action Plans feature to automate the creation of those activities. Action Plans also allow for chained activities, if you need to create a whole series of actions against a particular record.

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