TT – Activity Configuration in OpenCRM

One of the key components of any CRM system is having the ability to keep a record of your Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Notes with your customers and prospects. As this is so central to the system, it makes sense to have plenty of configuration options to streamline this to meet your needs.

This video highlights a couple of really useful shortcuts to customising Activities in OpenCRM.

  1. Expanded history: show the full description of each Activity in your subtabs, saving you having to click into each of them to view this information
  2. Add emails to history: show all Emails within the History subtab, giving you a single place to view all discussions with an individual
  3. Mandatory duration: not every business needs to record the exact duration of every customer interaction, others will see this as vital. Which is why you are able to decide whether or not this field is mandatory.

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