TT – Activity Scoring

With OpenCRM, you have the ability to add a score automatically to Activities, aggregating up to your Leads, Companies, or Contacts. This means the system can automatically add value to your hottest Leads or most important clients, helping you keep on top of your contact management and sales pipeline.

Add these values to your weekly or daily sales reports. Or maybe even your sales team’s dashboards? But no matter how you decide to present the data, having the ability to score your Activities means that you have the power to quantify these interactions as part of your sales process.

You may choose to score your Activities based on the quality of the conversation or the time spent, it’s entirely up to you. Score your Activities based what works for your business and your processes. The scores can be manually filled in by your team or set automatically by system defaults or your own workflow.

For example, you might set up some workflow to add a score based on the Activity Category or a custom field that allows your team to rate the conversation. A “good” conversation might warrant a rating of 2, but a “great” one could go as high as 5!

But the important thing is that you can set up your Activity Scoring to fit your business and sales process. You can find out more about setting up and using this feature in our FAQ: click here.

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