TT – Automation and JotForms

This video walks you through a scenario where you can automate an email to send from an Opportunity when it hits a particular sales stage. That email contains a link to a Jotform that your client can fill in and submit. Their submission will then automatically update the Opportunity with the relevant details. A nice slick way of automating various processes that you may otherwise forget.

The automation of tasks and processes is possible in Open CRM using a variety of features and functionality within the system. And this Tuesday Tip only scratches the surface of what is available. Some other features that can help include workflow, action plans, email plans, data retention plans, auto emailing, and a variety of settings within Additional Settings.

If you have a process you’d like to streamline and/or automate, please get in touch. Your account manager will work with our customer success team to help find you the best combination of features to achieve your goal.

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Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.

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