TT – CC and BCC

As you might expect, OpenCRM comes with a powerful email client. You can create custom email templates from within OpenCRM or use a 3rd party template creation tool such as Stripo.

It’s always important to keep your other team members in the loop, this is why we have included the ability to CC and BCC any other OpenCRM user into an email conversation. Not only that, but you can CC and BCC in anybody who has an email address stored within your system.

This coupled with our POP2OpenCRM feature means you can keep your existing email address and email client, but you never need to use it again! Do everything you need to right from within the system. This, of course, means that all of those important emails are always linked to the corresponding records and users within OpenCRM.

AND…All this at no extra charge. The email functionality of OpenCRM is available to all users right out of the box. No extra or hidden charges to unlock that module. With a simple 1 price for all pricing structure, you could have this powerful business organization tool available to you for just £33.00 per month!

For more info about CC and BCC functions from within OpenCRM, check out the Tuesday Tip Video above.

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