TT: Conditional Fields

One key factor to helping your users to embrace their new CRM system is to configure the modules so they appear intuitive, showing information sorted by importance and keeping superfluous information to a minimum. This can be achieved in OpenCRM either through the Screen Designer or by configuring Layouts.

As well as setting up the screens themselves, you can look at the system on a global level to see which modules you want to use and which you want to hide.

Within the modules, there might be some information that you need to capture, but only when it becomes relevant. A typical example for this will be when your Opportunities reach that sales stage (that no-one likes to see) of “Closed Lost”. At this point, it would be great if there was an additional field that appears prompting you to enter a reason why it was lost. Another common scenario is where you have a picklist and if you select the value “Other”, you might want a free-text field to appear so you can give detail of what that “other” is.

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