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Getting the right view of your data is vital. And easy with OpenCRM.

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Video Transcript: 

A common pain point we see when people engage with us here at open CRM is that their current Business Systems or spreadsheets don’t allow for a quick and easy way to segment their data

Failure to effectively manage your data can often prohibit the service you as a business can offer to your customers

One of the key components of opencrm are views

Views give a dynamic way to filter and present data across the entirety of opencrm

We see them as one of the best ways to ensure your open CRM solution is customized in a way that fits you and your business

Let’s take a look at how they’re made

Let’s simulate a scenario

I’m an account manager who needs to keep in touch with sales directors at my client businesses at least every three months

I’m going to create a contacts view which shows those sales directors ready for me to action

To begin let’s select to create a new view

From here the first thing I want to do is give my view a name

That should do nicely

Next I want to set the permissions around the view namely which users can see the view and then who sees it by default

When they land into the contacts module now I’m going to select my columns

This allows me to tailor which information I can see at a glance

I’m going to select first name last name company name telephone number and email address

I can use the standard filter if I’d like my view to be time critical

In this case I want to filter on the contact Last Action date and use the range of more than 90 days

Lastly I’m going to set my Advanced filters to ensure I meet my criteria

I need to put two filters into place

Firstly I need to select the job title and ensure equal sales director

Secondly the contact type and make sure that it’s set to customer

Once happy I select save and the view is created and activated showing me exactly the data that I need

My customers with the title of sales director who I haven’t had any contact with for more than 90 days

From here I can either select individually or multi-select and carry out a range of actions such as sending an email or adding those contacts to an event

That’s all for today thanks as always for watching and I’ll see you again soon for another open CRM Tuesday tip

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