TT – Creating Mail Merge Certificates in OpenCRM

This video walks you through how you can create certificates (or other documents) using the information on your Contacts and/or Events in OpenCRM using our Mail Merge functionality.

Mail Merge is one of those features that not every business will need, but is invaluable to those that do.

Mail Merge is one of those features that not every business will need, but is invaluable to those that do.

It allows you to merge information from OpenCRM, like a person’s name or the dates of an event, and create a polished document with just a click of a button. You can email these individually or even export a group of them if needed. If you were printing out a number of certificates following a course, for example.

In his video, Tom walks you through setting up the merge variables that allow you to export that valuable information to a certificate-type document. This example has been raised a few times by our customers during training sessions, so we thought it would be perfect for one of our Tuesday Tips.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, for today’s Tuesday Tip video I’m going to show you an easy way of generating certificates from OpenCRM.

The most commonly used ways of outputting details from OpenCRM into a customer-facing format are email templates or PDF templates but mail-merge is another really useful option.

Let’s look at how you can use a Word template to create personalized certificates.

Here I have a standard certificate I want to use for when someone completes a fire safety course for example.

I just need to replace the text I want to pull from the system onto the certificate with the right merge variables.

You can find a list of those merge variables in this FAQ on our website.

Once I’ve set up my template, I can upload it into the mail merge templates library.

Now that is done, I just need to pick the relevant contact or group of contacts, then hit the mail merge button, select the template and hit merge.

Once that’s done I have the option to either download the document or email it straight to my contact.

To show you the end result I’ve downloaded it and as you can see it has auto-populated my default template with the information unique to that contact – it’s really that simple.

Thank you for watching.

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