TT: Custom Fields and Layouts

Every business will need subtly different things from their CRM system. That’s why we’ve made creating custom fields and changing up your layouts easy in Open CRM.

This video will walk you through some of the different field types you have available to you when creating new fields. You can also use our screen design tool to decide where these (and all your other fields) should appear on the screen.

Watch our customer success manager, Tom, create a new custom picklist field, make it mandatory, and move it to his chosen location. He will also walk you through how to hide the fields you do not need and go even further with customising the appearance of your records with Layouts.

This combination of tools will let you customise Open CRM so that it has all the information your company needs, in a location that makes sense for your users. If you’d like to chat about the best way to hold the data you need to gather, please don’t hesitate to start chatting. You may even get the chance to talk to Tom!

Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.
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