TT- Customising Mobile App Fields

Ashley walks us through how to set up your ‘out of office’ staff’s mobile app fields in this helpful 3 min video!

You can decide which fields appear within the mobile app based on your users’ profiles. This means your different teams will only see the information relevant to how they use the app.

In this video, Ashley shows you two different users’ set up and use of the Open CRM mobile app. That of someone on the sales team versus someone from on-site support or engineering. As you can image, these two individuals may well need very different information while they’re out of the office.

Having a CRM mobile app that you can tailor to fit both the general needs of your business and the more specific needs of your users is just one of the things that separates OpenCRM from the crowd.

Here are the links for the FAQ’s and help articles mentioned by Ashley in the video:

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