TT: Customising your CRM with Custom Fields

A vanilla install of OpenCRM comes pre-configured with fields, modules and layouts that are designed to work as soon as you sign in.

But we also recognise that no two companies are the same, and invariably there will be information that is unique to you, that you wish to capture in the system.

Rather than mis-using existing fields to suit a different purpose you can create custom fields to manage this. In fact there are over 30 supported field-types available so the field meets your requirements. This could be anything from a free-text field, to a tickbox, a date field, a contact look-up, a header or even a space field to help you with your screen design.

As well as adding your custom fields, you can hide system fields and re-arrange the fields on-screen so it is designed to meet your requirements.

This short video gives an example of adding a custom field to the Companies module.

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