TT – Data Visibility and Teams

Regardless of the volume of data you keep in OpenCRM, there will be various reasons for you to segment that information. One way is though custom views, and another is by setting and using Teams.

For example, with your client database, there may be some users that need to see one set of records and others that need to see another. For example, if you have sales teams than manage different areas or categories of customers, you only want them to see data that is relevant to them. This has an obvious practical purpose, but also in terms of data security it is an important consideration.

One of the models for data visibility is by using Teams. By assigning users to the same (or different) Teams, you can set an overriding control to determine which records they can view. There are further settings you could explore to decide whether they can simply view, or also update records assigned to their team colleagues. All of this helps keep your sales team focused on what they need to do, giving you the peace of mind that they can only access data relevant to them.

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