TT: Emails and Email Templates

Branding is so important when creating a business. Everything you can do to create brand awareness is a bonus. This is where OpenCRM can step in to help.

We have incredibly powerful email functionality within OpenCRM, allowing you to email any record you hold within OpenCRM, as long as there is an email address stored alongside the record. Along with this, we have given you the ability to create all of your own branded email templates.

This means you can always keep brand unity by having your team send emails using the correct branding every time. And with all emails being sent directly from your CRM system, there is always a link to the record the emails relate to. OpenCRM will store a full history of all email correspondence with a record within OpenCRM. When a lead comes back to you after 6 months of going cold, you won’t have to dive into your sent emails or inbox to root out that previous correspondence anymore, it’s all right there, saved against the lead within your OpenCRM system.

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