TT – eSigning Quotes and Orders with OpenCRM

Having the ability to eSign a Quote or Sales Order is definitely one of the modern world’s more time-saving advances. You send over your Quote or Sales Order and with just a few clicks, your customer can signal their agreement.

This video will walk you through how to set up your system to accept a Quick eSign (for the longer process, check out this FAQ).

Tom will then show what settings you need to enable, how to email the Quote or Sales Order with the esign link, what your customer sees when signing it, and how this appears back in OpenCRM.

The whole process is smooth and easy for everyone to use. And even better, no need to print off or scan anything, it’s all taken care of on screen and automatically.

We’ve also got some exciting new enhancements to this feature coming in the next few months. So if you’re a big esign fan, keep your eyes peeled!
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