TT: Going offline with JotForm

JotForm’s app now allows you to fill in your forms offline and uploads them when you come back online…and that includes syncing them to OpenCRM! This means you can keep on working no matter how much signal you have.

Just imagine it: you’re at a conference or expo, stuck in a signal vacuum. Nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out.

Luckily, you can still gather all that useful contact information from the delegates, because you set up your JotForm lead generation form to work offline. Without any interruption, people keep giving you their details and you keep schmoosing it up. No chats about how annoying the mobile signal is at events like this. Just conversations about your business and the opportunities you can give them.

Once you get back into signal range, your JotForm starts uploading this rich data into Open CRM. Without you having to do anything at all! It just gets to work behind the scenes.


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Video Transcript:

Jotform has launched a brand new mobile app that is a really exciting and potentially hugely useful feature – the ability to use forms offline and then sync that data when you next come back online.

I’d like to use this Tuesday Tip to explore a couple ways this new feature can be used with our existing integration with Jotform – specifically looking at how it can be used to solve your frustrations with both conferences and off-site engineers.

Imagine this: you’re at a conference and the wi-fi is so slow, plus you’ve got terrible mobile signal – because that’s what always seems to happen at conferences and expos!

You’d plan to use jotform to gather contact information from the people you met, sending that through to OpenCRM so you can follow up with them later that week.

Luckily you’ve already got the Jotform app, so you just open the form within the app and carry on collecting that valuable data even without wi-fi.

Then once you’re back in wi-fi range, your app starts syncing those forms and sending that rich data straight to OpenCRM – your day is saved!

Another question we get asked a lot concerns companies who send their engineers out into the world to carry out vital services for their customers.

Quite often these engineers don’t have access to wi-fi or even good mobile signals, forcing them to rely on using paper forms which have to be manually input on their return – talk about frustrating!

But if each of these engineers had a tablet with access to the Jotform app, they’d be able to fill in their service forms right then and there without having to worry about mobile signal or wi-fi access.

All the information is sent straight to OpenCRM when they are able to come back online.

So there you have it – Jotform’s new offline forms are a great feature for their mobile app and they work seamlessly with OpenCRM.

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