TT – How to create a Credit Invoice

In this tip, we’ll show you how to make a Credit Invoice!

It’s a huge part of some business models so we wanted to not only make this whole process as simple as possible but also wanted to whip up a quick #TuesdayTip to show you how it’s done!

Our Tuesday Tips series is a weekly video blog of helpful hints and tricks to use OpenCRM to its fullest capacity.

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Video Transcript:
Hi everyone today I’d like to show you a quick and easy way of creating a credit invoice

You can do this either to avoid an existing invoice or to raise an ad hoc credit with a client

Let’s start with an existing invoice that you need to cancel out

Go to the invoice and hit the duplicate button then set the status to credit invoice and hit save

Note that if you need to otherwise edit the invoice in any way you need to do so before saving

To raise an ad hoc credit invoice create a new invoice as you normally would

Add the relevant products but do not set negative values

On the pricing set the status to credit invoice and when you save it returns those sums on the invoice as negative figures

As with the previous example once a negative value has been set you cannot edit the invoice

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